Coronavirus Blues #2

One of my daughters is very prone to anxiety. To make matters worse, she in particular has always been anxious of end of the world scenarios. Her dreams are made up of zombies, tsunamis, viruses, supernovas, or nuclear wars. So, this coronavirus thing is taking its toll.

And like it is in most cases, it’s not just the actual thing that worries her, it’s other people’s reaction to it. It’s the way we treat each other when things get hard. It’s the every man for himself mentality of people that seems to overtake everyone in times like these. Every day since this pandemic started all we see is people being selfish. Taking more than they need. Caring little about anyone else. This upsets her and feeds her anxiety. And it should upset her. It’s hard watching people be so ugly to each other. We should be better than that.

Everytime there is a threat to our future we react, and we should. But more often then not we overreact at the expense of others in the same situation. We lose all sense of reality and forget we are part of a society that needs to work together in times of need.

A lot of people suffer from anxiety and depression. They are suffering the most in the last few weeks. They are more sensitive to these things that are happening now. They are more sensitive to people at their ugliest than most of us. They already have a host of other things to be anxious about that most of us handle well, so adding to their anxiety is this new threat to all of us.

Reach out to your friends that have anxiety and depression. They are in great need of a friendly voice to listen to in times like these. If you who don’t have anxiety and depression are worried, people with anxiety and depression are feeling it much worse. Be a good friend. We are all in this together.  Go help.


3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Blues #2

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  1. We definitely seem to have lost our damn minds, not to mention put our hearts on the top shelf of the hall closet. Generally avoiding social media (other than WP) is healing my troubled heart (after the recent loss of my favorite muse) in the face of boorish inconsiderate behavior. And taking extra cuddle time with the remaining dogs helps too.

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  2. An excellent reminder! I hate hearing people say, “just stay home, it’s not hard!” Yes, we do need to stay home, but for some people, it’s very hard. For some people, all this uncertainty and panic-buying just feeds their anxiety, and for some, the isolation feeds depression. We do need to be kind to each other and to remember to reach out to those we think might be most vulnerable, not just physically, but mentally as well.

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