Life in the Time of Corona #5

Every child belongs to mankind's family. Children are the fruit of all humanity. Let them feel the love of all the human race. Touch them with the warmth, the strength of that embrace. - Children of Sanchez (soundtrack), Chuck Mangione The children Kids, especially the kids that are old enough to have some understanding of... Continue Reading →

Life in the Time of Corona #2

Captain No Fish is non-compliant. He just won't stay home. Sure, he's a judge and has judgy things to do once in while. He is well known in the law enforcement community for dismissing citations and pissing off cops. I could well change his name to Judge "case dismissed" G****.  But I won't . Captain... Continue Reading →

last time

This is a short story from my "Moments in Time" series. Life, real life, only really happens in moments. It is in those moments that we make choices that affect everything we are.  As a cop, more often than not, I got to see people only when they made the wrong choice.  These are true... Continue Reading →

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