The Coronavirus Blues #3

Me sitting outside on the patio trying to do some writing:

Lauren – What are you writing dad?

Me- Stuff.

Lauren- It better not be about me.

Me- It isn’t. Leave me alone.

A huge owl swoops over the street just outside our gate.

Lauren- Was that an owl?

Me- No, it was a bat. (It was really an owl).

Lauren jumps out of her chair and runs into the apartment while yelling at me.

Lauren- Get inside! That’s how the coronavirus started!

Me- I’ll be fine.

An hour later I get a text that reads. “It was an owl, you’re a jerk dad.”


An hour or so later she comes out and sits with me again. We are out there for about 30 minutes when another bird swoops down over the street.

Lauren- Was that a bat?

Me- No, it was an owl. (It really was a bat this time.)

Lauren- Okay.

Me- I’ll be back gotta go use the restroom.

Lauren- Okay.

I go to my bedroom and stare out the window into the patio at her. After a few minutes she looks up at me.

Lauren- What are you doing?

Her eyes do that thing like when you know someone just lied to you.

Lauren- Jerk! It was a bat!

It’s these little moments that make life worthwhile. 

She’s been researching things since this virus came along.

Lauren- Dad, did you know the Chinese invented toilet paper in the 1400’s?

Me- No, I didn’t know that.

Lauren- Don’t you find that interesting?

Me- Uh, no.

Lauren- Think about it. They invent toilet paper and then they create a virus that causes everyone to buy every roll of toilet paper in existence.

Me- Uh, 500 years later?

Lauren- Very shrewd business people these Chinese. Patience is the key to success in the business world dad.

Me- Do not go into business. Ever.





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  1. Our bats have “gone missing » here in our small part of the world, which I find very sad. But we do have owls (and 3 cats), so all is well. I love your stories!

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