I was told I had to write this blurb about me in the third person, but I won’t do that. Alvarez does not write in the third person. He just doesn’t.

I am a former police investigator who just likes to write. Throughout my career, like most detectives, I  worked every kind of case you could think of. But in the last few years I worked mostly homicide cases. Now I just do some private work for private clients who wish to remain private, and pay mostly in coffee and donuts, and, sometimes, in just coffee (and sometimes they make me bring the donuts). I am living the retirement dream (that was sarcasm). All that aside, I love to write. I enjoy telling stories. True stories.

86728330-256-k349640I titled the blog “The Case of the Missing Lol” because I want to try and keep it on the lighter side of things. Sure, I could tell you about all the murder cases I worked and murder suspects I put away, but every cop writes about that. I want to tell you about other things. Funnier things, like a day in the life of an ex-detective. Stuff like my daughter who has more blonde moments than a human being has a right to have. Or my dog “Blue” who never barks unless Trump is doing a press conference on TV, after which he promptly throws up. Just stuff like that. You know, real stuff.

But don’t worry. I will throw in a some stuff here and there from some of my cases. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. You will cry, after which you will go outside and throw up just like good old Blue.

I hope you stick around a bit. I would if I were you. One of my posts will be about the time I went forward in time and met a man who gave me all the winning lottery numbers of the next one hundred years. I am not going to tell which one. So stick around. It will eventually pay off.


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