They give yoga pants a bad name

Ladies, I have a question. When did the world run out of pants for women? I mean they still have some right? You know, the kind with buttons, zippers, and pockets? Or were they outlawed and I missed the memo? I don't hate yoga pants. I really don't. I won't let my daughter wear them... Continue Reading →

No mas pantalones #9. Random thoughts of a man without pants.

How would you like it if I  slapped you on your ass?  First thing every morning I take Blue out for his walk. Blue has this thing he does where he has to pee on no less than one thousand things before he comes back in. Sometimes though, he takes this one long pee somewhere... Continue Reading →

The Randomness of Me

We all have random thoughts. Things we think about without knowing what the hell could have triggered them. Most of them are just normal day-to-day stuff. Things we think about every day about things we encounter every day. I am not sure that there is anything day-to-day about me anymore. I'm sure there used to... Continue Reading →

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