Coronavirus Blues

From the Blonde Moments file (Conversations with my daughter) Leaving the grocery store: Lauren- Why did we have to pay for this stuff? Me- What? Why wouldn't we? Lauren- Uh...World War Z, Contagion, I Am Legend, Zombieland. No one pays for their stuff during a pandemic. Everyone knows this. We were cheated. Me- Yeah, I... Continue Reading →

Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself # 7

    "That's good chicken." When we were younger my brother would call every meat "chicken". He'd take a bite out of burger? That's good chicken. He'd eat some fajitas or ribs? That's good chicken. Of course we got tired of correcting him and he loved how it annoyed us so much that when we... Continue Reading →

The Randomness of Me

We all have random thoughts. Things we think about without knowing what the hell could have triggered them. Most of them are just normal day-to-day stuff. Things we think about every day about things we encounter every day. I am not sure that there is anything day-to-day about me anymore. I'm sure there used to... Continue Reading →

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