Life in the Time of Corona #7 (What is the count?, Through the eyes of a pandemic, Is there a doctor in the house?, Blue gets bored.)

It's so strange though. Hard to process it all. Even harder to know what steps we truly need to be taking, where the line from preparation and panic lies anymore. Not sure how to make this new reality fit into my world. -Brittany Mackenzie   What's the count?  This is the question we wake up... Continue Reading →

Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself # 7

    "That's good chicken." When we were younger my brother would call every meat "chicken". He'd take a bite out of burger? That's good chicken. He'd eat some fajitas or ribs? That's good chicken. Of course we got tired of correcting him and he loved how it annoyed us so much that when we... Continue Reading →

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