Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself #3 (loud cars, crazy birds, and oh my God put the milk away already!)

I'm gonna slash his tires one day.  I am so not kidding, maybe. I think, because I was a cop, I am especially sensitive to people being stupid with their cars. Parking in handicap spaces when you aren't supposed to, intentionally making your car louder than it should be, and simply not knowing how to... Continue Reading →

No Mas Pantalones #5: Random thoughts of a man without pants.

There goes my deposit. I've done it a hundred times. I check to see if the spaghetti is ready by throwing one of the strands on the wall. If it sticks it's ready. That's what the cool people do isn't it? I'm sure I read somewhere that it is. It was on the internet so... Continue Reading →

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