The Coronavirus Blues #3

Me sitting outside on the patio trying to do some writing: Lauren - What are you writing dad? Me- Stuff. Lauren- It better not be about me. Me- It isn't. Leave me alone. A huge owl swoops over the street just outside our gate. Lauren- Was that an owl? Me- No, it was a bat.... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Blues #2

One of my daughters is very prone to anxiety. To make matters worse, she in particular has always been anxious of end of the world scenarios. Her dreams are made up of zombies, tsunamis, viruses, supernovas, or nuclear wars. So, this coronavirus thing is taking its toll. And like it is in most cases, it's... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Blues

From the Blonde Moments file (Conversations with my daughter) Leaving the grocery store: Lauren- Why did we have to pay for this stuff? Me- What? Why wouldn't we? Lauren- Uh...World War Z, Contagion, I Am Legend, Zombieland. No one pays for their stuff during a pandemic. Everyone knows this. We were cheated. Me- Yeah, I... Continue Reading →

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