The Coronavirus Blues #3

Me sitting outside on the patio trying to do some writing: Lauren - What are you writing dad? Me- Stuff. Lauren- It better not be about me. Me- It isn't. Leave me alone. A huge owl swoops over the street just outside our gate. Lauren- Was that an owl? Me- No, it was a bat.... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Blues

315,155,280. That is approximately how many blades of grass there are in and around the area of the apartment complex that I live in. Give or take a couple. How do I know this? Did I Google it? Nope. Well maybe a little bit. But I assure you I did that only after doing extensive... Continue Reading →

Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself #3 (loud cars, crazy birds, and oh my God put the milk away already!)

I'm gonna slash his tires one day.  I am so not kidding, maybe. I think, because I was a cop, I am especially sensitive to people being stupid with their cars. Parking in handicap spaces when you aren't supposed to, intentionally making your car louder than it should be, and simply not knowing how to... Continue Reading →

“Excuse me ma’am, I don’t mean to alarm you, but there is a bee on your vagina” and other strange things I heard at the beach

No, I'm not at the beach. It's freezing where I live just like everywhere else on the planet right now. I just wish I was at the beach, so I dug out this post that I had posted on Facebook during the summer. I love the beach, even better when it's cold because there are... Continue Reading →

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