Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Sorry, I heard this song today from Sesame Street and had to write this. I apologize to all those who will be offended by this. Kidding. I don't care. I have often been quoted as saying I don't like people. Well I don't. They are needy, pushy, and annoying. And, to be honest, I think... Continue Reading →

The Detective and The Mysterious Case of the Half-Waffle

You thought it was never going to happen? You doubted me? Years of investigative training and experience and even then you thought this guy would never get this one. Oh sure he has solved multiple homicide cases with little or no evidence. Tracked down countless suspects who left the trail equivalent of a ghost. Sure... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Road

Inspiration Road. I don't know why it's called that. It cuts under the expressway in Mission, Texas and leads north through Mission or south towards Mexico. There isn't anything really inspiring about it as far as I can tell. I never really travel the road either. I remember it only as a lonely road with... Continue Reading →

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