Life in the Time of Corona #1

Saw a bumblebee today. Had not see one in years. It was black and bright yellow and buzzed around like it was lost. Had this sighting been any other time I would not have thought much of it. Except maybe to express some delight in seeing one again after all this time. Used to see... Continue Reading →

The Coronavirus Blues #3

Me sitting outside on the patio trying to do some writing: Lauren - What are you writing dad? Me- Stuff. Lauren- It better not be about me. Me- It isn't. Leave me alone. A huge owl swoops over the street just outside our gate. Lauren- Was that an owl? Me- No, it was a bat.... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Blues

From the Blonde Moments file (Conversations with my daughter) Leaving the grocery store: Lauren- Why did we have to pay for this stuff? Me- What? Why wouldn't we? Lauren- Uh...World War Z, Contagion, I Am Legend, Zombieland. No one pays for their stuff during a pandemic. Everyone knows this. We were cheated. Me- Yeah, I... Continue Reading →

The Absence of Me (things I think about when I think I am not myself)

Feeling it today.

The Detective and The Case of the Missing Lol

This is the 4th coffee shop I have sat in in the last hour. I can’t seem to find my focus today. That’s a rare thing for me. Granted I have less important things to do nowadays, so focusing is not a life and death issue anymore, but still, it’s a rare (and unwelcome) thing. I don’t like it.

I walked out of the first coffee shop for no reason. No reason at all. Walked in then out and got back on the road. Nothing felt wrong about it. Just walked out. The second shop I went to I had not been to in a long time. It was kind of busy. A couple of groups of girls talking at the edges. Some guys standing by the door talking to each other, stalling to get out of there. I walked up to the counter to order but then stopped. Suddenly…

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So lonely…

On being a dad.

The Detective and The Case of the Missing Lol

When my daughter Lauren was very young she would, on occasion, get in trouble. And by on occasion I mean quite frequently. And by quite frequently I mean almost every day. And by that I mean every single day. It’s not that she was a bad child, she just liked to test her limits. And by test her limits I mean she was a bad child.

When she did get in trouble, she had habit of over reacting. I would send her to her room and she would stomp all the way there, kicking and screaming and crying for reasons I am sure that even she was not aware of. She was a real drama queen. At some point, if she was really upset, she would sit on her bed and sing a song while crying. It would go something like “Lonely, I’m so lonely. I have nobody, to call…

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