Life in the Time of Corona #8 (That just ain’t right, Bang away, Pain in the time of corona, Love me a good poet)

That just ain’t right

During these times when Captain No Fish is not allowed near his office for work (if you can call it that) we sometimes have coffee in the mornings outside. We usually take our coffee in my patio since it is more open and you can see more of the outside world, even though there is little to see nowadays. Our patios have doors leading directly into our respective apartments. I rarely use my patio door but he uses his all the time to go in and out. Well, on a day I miraculously got up earlier than he did I went over with my coffee to wait on his patio, which was something I had never done before. He has 2 chairs and a small table set up there. I sat in one and waited. Minutes later he walked out of his door to check on his newly installed fly trap (it doesn’t take much to keep him amused) for flies. So he stepped out and looked up at the upper corner of the patio, gave this disappointed look at seeing no flies on it, then looked down at me.

He then screamed like a girl.

And not just any girl, but a little girl. And not just any little girl, but a little girl with the lungs of an opera singer trying to hit the high note at the end of the song. He jumped two feet in the air too. I can still hear the scream. You know the saying “in space no one can hear you scream’? They heard this all the way in space. I am sure of it.

Anyway, being the cool and collected guy I am I didn’t even spill my coffee, but I laughed for so long it was cold by the time I started drinking again and had to ditch it anyway. The Captain took it all in stride. He said, “What can I say? I’m a screamer.” Yeah, we’ll go with that.

I just count ourselves lucky that no one called the police and reported a woman in distress. They would have never found her.

Bang away

According to my Facebook feed women of all ages, due to the stay at home orders, have been cutting their own hair. Specifically, they have been making “bangs” where before there none. I guess women can’t be trusted alone with a pair of scissors and their own hair in this time of crisis. Why is that?

Lauren did that once, but she was 7 or so. And she denied doing it several times even though the sink was full of hair and her hair stuck straight up in the front for about 2 weeks after that. Lauren always wore her hair back in those days and it took a mountain of gel just to keep that front patch back and down for a few hours a day. I don’t recall if she was trying to actually make bangs or not, but she cut it too short for bangs and it wouldn’t stay down. She denies it to this day.

I admit though that I am getting ansy with my own hair. Haven’t had a hair cut for about 3 weeks and I don’t know when someone will become available to cut my hair in this time of the corona. It better be soon. You do not want to see me in a man bun. I don’t want to see me in a man bun.

I might have to scour the internet and see if the “Flowbee” is still available. For those of you too young to remember the Flowbee was a hair trimmer attachment that you could connect to your vacuum cleaner to cut your hair with no mess. I think we actually got one when I was young. But I think our vacuum cleaner broke down shortly after that and we did not get much use out of it.


Pain in the time of Corona

Have been in a lot of pain lately and the docs don’t know why. Enough pain and pain medication that I have in the last couple days lot track of time here and there. Pain does that to a person. I think to myself what more things would I be thinking about the situation we are all in if the pain hadn’t side tracked me so much. Would it bother me more or less if  I didn’t have all this pain to endure?

Pain also makes a person less tolerating of situations they might otherwise find easy to put up with. I don’t get mad easy under any circumstance. But being sick with pain in uncertain times makes a person less understanding of others. I feel it. So maybe it’s a good thing I can’t go many places with this pain, for others at least.

I swear I have lost half my blood volume in blood draws in the last two weeks alone. And that’s cause I am already anemic. And I am due for several more tests in the next week or so. I would have really preferred to have stayed home all this time. Hospitals are creepy in the time of corona.

So I am very conscious of those that are sick during these times. People already suffering from some illness or condition during this global pandemic have that much more to worry about. I feel for them.

What I hate the most though for me personally is that I can’t read or write as much when in so much pain. And if I take meds to ease the pain I can’t read or write so much with those in me either, and that takes all the fun out of life.

So that, as they say, is that.

Love me a good poet

I love poetry. Well, today at least. And more so lately in the time of corona. I have noticed on my Facebook page that poets from here and there are spending their stay at home time reciting some of their poetry online. Reading their own poems and even some poems by some of their favorite authors. This is a wonderful idea. I hope it continues way beyond these times. We need more sharing now than ever. Go find some of your favorite people reciting poetry online. Or, maybe, go recite some yourself for others. I might just do that myself.


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  1. Had a blast of laughing. I cut my hair, I’ve done it for several years now, mostly because my hair is wavy, so people can’t tell if it’s a good or bad job. Haha the thing is that this time around I did it to all my family 🤣 and their hair is so straight, so I keep hearing words like, “pelon, pelonete,” or “poor kid your mom just had to do it,” or “el desnivelado,” and much worst than these haha. Also take care, pretty sure that the pain has to do with the changing of weather. I used to play basketball when I was young, at 15 due to a game, one of my knees broke. Since then, I’ve had this pains when the weather is changing. So these past days have been really bad, much more during the nights. Hope you feel better. Take care about that anemia,eat more caldo de frijoles. 😊

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