Life in the Time of Corona #5

Every child belongs to mankind’s family. Children are the fruit of all humanity. Let them feel the love of all the human race. Touch them with the warmth, the strength of that embrace. – Children of Sanchez (soundtrack), Chuck Mangione

The children

Kids, especially the kids that are old enough to have some understanding of what’s going on, are having a hard time with this. It’s hard enough for us adults to make sense of what’s going on, they have it even harder. Even those too small to know what’s going can feel the tension in the air. How much it affects them depends on how we are dealing with it.

I had always taught my kids to be strong, but to understand that strength is relative.  They don’t have to be stronger than the next guy. They just have to be strong enough to get through what they are going through. Strength will come as we need it and we don’t have to show strength all day every day. I also taught them that if their own strength ever fails them it is okay to lean on others. I have always thought we serve no better purpose on this earth than to be here for each other. To give each other strength when it’s necessary, but hold each other up when we have to.

Tell your kids that if they get scared or feel weak to look at the helpers. Be the helpers. We are the best versions of ourselves when care for others. Helping others makes us stronger.

I just wanted me some pecan pie

I had been staring at our four 5-gallon jugs of water in the hallway for a while, looking for a good reason to get out of the house. We had not gone to get water in a couple of weeks. I didn’t want to be that guy who had no reason to be running around on the streets just because he wanted pecan pie. I didn’t want to be the guy to violate the stay at home guidelines.

But I was that guy.

I was exactly that guy. I didn’t care about the empty jugs of water. I just wanted some pecan pie. So at only 3 empty ones I grabbed them and took off to my favorite grocery store. It was more surreal than the last time I had gone out. There were two reasons for that.  The first was that many more people were taking it more seriously. About two thirds of the people I saw were wearing gloves and masks. Everyone stayed a good distance from each other and the cashiers had huge plates of plexi-glass between you and them so you couldn’t breathe on them. The second reason was more sinister- there was only one pecan pie left!  Who hoards pecan pies in a pandemic? That or they just weren’t making many pies. Probably sent most of the bakers home. These are indeed the end of times when we keep the bakers home. I got the last pecan pie.

Yes, it is entirely possible I ate half a pecan pie. In my defense, we are in a pandemic. 

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet- Roger Miller

It’s raining today. They say the rain cleans the earth of all that is bad. It sure feels that way when I sit out and look at the rain. The scent of what little earth is left behind is amazing. It feels fresh and cleansed of all that is wrong. I know it’s not that simple though. Cleanness is not a scent. Rain does not take the coronavirus away. And, if we don’t do something about it ourselves, the coronavirus will go away on it’s own, but it will take many of us away with it if we let it. We need to follow the rules (yeah, I know, no more pecan pie) and behave the way the virus hates. We need to listen to the experts who know these things and can guide us through it in the safest way possible. They are the heroes that can get us through it, but only if we listen. Having said that, go listen to the rain, you’ll feel better.



2 thoughts on “Life in the Time of Corona #5

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  1. I like the scent of rain, and the sound too.
    I disagree with one thing, though: caring for others made me weak. It left traumas for life. I raise my kids so that they show empathy and react to situations as they happen. Strong or weak… Who determines which is which and when to act which way without being a bellend? Right now, I am talking a lot with my kids, through their doubts and fears, through their sadness of not going to school and their joy of spending time with their parents. Children are like blank pages. Parents are the first to write on these pages… ❤

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  2. Glad to hear there are a few ‘luxury’ items to be had out there. Your advice: “Strength will come as we need it and we don’t have to show strength all day every day” is very impressive. It will work on adults as easily as children. Thank you for that bit of wisdom. I was beginning to have a pity party in isolation.

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