Life in the Time of Corona #4

Just from where I sit

Sitting on my patio watching the world go by I sometimes wonder if I would notice a difference in the world if I had just woken up from a month long sleep. If I woke up with no knowledge of the coronavirus.  What would I notice if I woke up here and now and looked straight out into the world just from my patio and nowhere else?

I guess I would notice that the traffic on the road is less, and our parking lot in the apartment complex more full. I’d notice the hotel parking lots across the street empty and wonder why. And of course the quietness. I am so used to trying to shut off the world to listen to my own thoughts and I would notice that it wouldn’t be necessary more. I would notice the birds and insects not having to compete with other noises. They are the louder ones now.

I live just a few miles from the Mexican border and we often see helicopters flying back and forth. I would notice that there are more now, and that they are flying slower and lower. I don’t know the reason for that. Being an ex-cop I would easily notice less police cars since there are less people on the road. I would wonder why though. I would notice more construction workers working on the highway that is in my view. And why not since there is less traffic?

I would notice more neighbors taking more walks than usual. People walking around outside that I have never seen before. Walking their dogs and even taking walks with their kids, which, of course, I would notice are not going to school anymore. I would notice some of them wearing masks. I would sure as hell wonder about that.

I would notice I get less visitors. If I sit outside during the day on a normal day no less than 3 or 4 more people would stop by and have a chat or just say hello. Not this time. Except for Captain No Fish. He has no where else to go and his wife needs a break from him once in a while. I’m not sure if he would notice anything different though, he is a Republican after all.

Le Coffee Shop Blues

I’m not gonna lie. I miss my coffee shop time. I have always enjoyed a good coffee shop. Being able to go to one anytime I wanted was one of the few pleasures I indulged in. Not just the coffee, but actually going to a coffee shop and soaking up the atmosphere. But that has not been possible in the last few weeks because of the Coronavirus. There are some places offering drive thru services, but that’s not quit the same thing. It is the whole experience of it that I miss.

I have actually considered turning my patio into a makeshift coffee shop. Put up some long thing tables along the wall with stools to sit on. Set out some coffee supplies like cream and sugar and maybe some stirrers and some foam coffee cups. Put out a coffee pot or two. Maybe get a coffee grinder. Put up a neon sign that reads “My Coffee Shop”. Can’t invite anyone though, times being what they are. But everyone would be welcome to walk by and see my little patio coffee shop. That they could do. As long as they stay 6 feet away and don’t bother me. I might get Lauren to come in and out of the apartment for my coffee order. Yeah, that sounds right. Though I only have Donut Shop coffee for my Keurig and I am really not supposed to go out shopping for anything “non-essential” right now.

Blue has the Blues

Blue seems to notice what’s going on. He seems  a bit down lately. I hear from people who dogs that dogs can sense changes in their owners and react according. Blue has no idea there is a coronavirus out there, but he might sense that people are anxious and afraid. He might sense worry in those around him. I guess that is a possibility. Dogs are special.


Blue looking out into the world in the time of Corona



6 thoughts on “Life in the Time of Corona #4

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  1. The thought of Blue feeling anxious and confused and not being able to fully grasp the situation makes me sad. I kinda wish he could be dumb and happy. Innocent.

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  2. You just nailed the Starbucks success plan. It ain’t the coffee…it’s the experience.

    Our state has been shut down so long that millennials are bored to tears and are now freaking out having to stay at home. They continue to make their presence known in other ways. Instead of driving everywhere, they’ve taken to the sidewalks with their offspring safely secured in a SUV-sized stroller with the proverbial hybrid dog trailing behind. They often stop to chat across fences blocking access on the sidewalk. They are bored to death and make any real dog walking experience miserable. My dogs don’t understand why we have to criss-cross the street dozens of time to stay compliant with the social distancing rule. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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    1. Yeah, Blue doesn’t get the distance requirement either and he is having a hard time with it. Hope you and yours are well.

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  3. Living where we do, twixt country and town, and with pretty high hedges and few neighbours, I think any Coffee Shop would sadly be doomed to failure! I miss the atmosphere there too but we’re having to get used to the silence. Sad really!

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