Life in the Time of Corona #1

Saw a bumblebee today.

Had not see one in years. It was black and bright yellow and buzzed around like it was lost. Had this sighting been any other time I would not have thought much of it. Except maybe to express some delight in seeing one again after all this time. Used to see them all the time when I was young. But these aren’t ordinary times. When I saw it my mind automatically wanted to connect it to the pandemic. No real scientific reason to do so, I know, but that didn’t matter. My mind, with it’s limited knowledge of biology, accepted at least the possibility that seeing a bumblebee after all these years in the midst of a pandemic had to mean something. It could be a sign of something, even though I was not smart enough to know what that could be. The two were connected, possibly. As a detective I had trained myself not to believe in coincidences. The reality of it, though,  was that is likely just that, a coincidence. It took me a whole 10 seconds to reach that final conclusion. Which is too bad when you think about. I totally missed out on the chance of just simply enjoying seeing a bumblebee. Damn coronavirus.

Sitting outside my apartment with *Captain No Fish and drinking coffee, we both were looking toward the expressway, watching the cars go by.  We talked about this and that and both happened to be looking out when we saw a trailer carrying brand new cars stacked 3 rows high. It was obviously making a delivery to a dealership. Every car was individually and completely wrapped in some white covering. We seen cars delivered that way before so it was nothing new to us. We both looked at each other at the same time and said, “Hazmat suits for cars”?  Damn coronavirus.

Went to the grocery store with my daughter Lauren today to get a couple of things. People were in line to get in and made to stand separate from each other. They wiped down your shopping cart as you walked in and sent everyone walking in different directions. GermX bottles and dispenser where everywhere. My daughter didn’t let me touch any of the fruits and vegetables to check for freshness ( I don’t buy them. I just like to touch them, lol) . The girl at the deli counter made me stand in a designated spot when I asked for what I wanted. Some people were wearing masks and gloves. Others wondered what the hell people were doing wearing masks and gloves. Strange times. Damn coronavirus.

There is no shortage of anything where I live. It may take you a few tries to go get something you want, but you will eventually get it if you want it. But now we can’t go anywhere anyway because most things are closed and there is a curfew at night between 10 pm and 5am. People are losing their jobs at an alarming rate and the rate of people getting infected and dying rises every day. We’ve been through things like this before in my lifetime, the disease at least. This reaction is different though. There is a lack of trust that those in charge can get us through this. Lack of trust in it’s leaders during hard times will bring a society long before any disease will. Damn coronavirus.

We have good neighbors where I live. And I have good family. But I worry about others. I worry about the elderly. I worry about how those with anxiety and depression are doing. I worry about the homeless. I worry about those on the edge of their own thoughts, looking for a reason to crash. I worry about those that look out into empty streets and parking lots and restaurants and can’t decide what to think. Keep an eye out for all of them. They need you. Damn coronavirus!



*Captain No Fish is a neighbor friend of mine. He’s a justice of the peace, and more importantly, the owner of a boat we go fishing on. A good combination if there ever was one. You’d know this if your read my blog. Shame on you.





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    1. No kidding, for now stores say there are no shortages and they are limiting people to how much they can take so we’ll see what happens.

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