Things I overheard while talking to myself # 6 No stars for the writer

#1 Where’s Christmas?

I have been walking a lot lately. Wasn’t my idea. Doc said I really should, something about making it to my next birthday or something like that. I wasn’t really listening. But that’s not my point. Point is that I have been walking a lot lately and I just now noticed that my apartment complex is not in the Christmas mood this year. Past years here I would see at least a dozen or so people putting up lights or other decorations. Christmas trees visible through windows. Not this year. Not even close. This year it’s only Fred the wiener dog who is in the spirit, sad as that may look.

Poor Fred. At least he is out of his cage and celebrating Christmas. Merry Christmas, Fred.

This is actually the only time I have seen Fred out this time of year. He’s usually out only during Halloween. I don’t know what is going on at his house. There are actually two other real wiener dogs and a chihuahua that live in Fred’s house and they never get put out like this. I see a lawsuit coming.

#2 I’ll get enough sleep when I’m dead.

Didn’t sleep for 3 days straight last week. Have done that before, but this time it was different. I ended up in the hospital with a not very nice doctor telling me he would need to put me to sleep or I would have a stroke. I told him I would “get enough sleep when I’m dead, Doc”. He said, “I’ve heard that before.” I said, “Oh, you read my blog?”. He said, “No, I watched Road House too with Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliot. Classic movie.” “Well okay then” I said. “I will take your damn pill.”

So he gave this little pill and minutes later I was out. Hours later and after averting a stroke, blood work further showed I had “walking pneumonia”, which the doc said was both a thing and not a thing. I have no idea what he meant by that, but being an emergency room doctor he was way too busy to explain it to me and told me to follow up with my own doctor.

So I got a few hours sleep. The kicker, and there is always a kicker when you get sick, is that the meds he gave me in the hospital have not left my system. It’s been about 3 days and a few times a day I will feel like falling asleep while standing. I have slept at night, much better than before, but these other episodes are occurring at random times during the day and are annoying as hell.

I made it over to my own doc and she said it was normal for the meds to do that and that it would stop in a day or two. I’m glad for that. I don’t wish this on anyone.

But thanks to these visits I am now the proud owner of a pill container. Not your average one either, but the expanded one for both day and night pills. Apparently walking pneumonia was not enough for me. Among other things, I also have a “splash” of diabetes and a tidal wave of anemia. Some counts are too low and others too high. So, I require a pill container, for now at least.

I bet my pill container is bigger than yours.

On a serious note, please take care of yourselves people. You are the only you out there.

# 3 No stars for the writer

There are no stars in south Texas. Not really. The skies are cloudy all day (contrary to the what the song might say) and even if they weren’t the clouds don’t come out much. And, to make things worse, I live in a place where light pollution (is that a thing?) is at it’s worse. On the clearest night in my home town you can still count the clouds. I would love to visit a place where I can’t.

But for some reason I can always count on the constellation Orion. I see it almost every night (in the right season) even when no other stars are showing. Don’t know why that is so. But I have watched Orion since I was small and first looked up at the sky. I find something calming about being able to do that.

In my new patio where I sometimes sit and read and write I can see Orion for a couple of hours during my time out there. I read while waiting for Orion and the write non-stop until I can’t see it from I am. It’s a dumb thing to do really and I find no reason to do it other than I just can. People that write do funny things sometimes to make themselves keep writing. Writers are weird. I am no exception.

Orion on it’s side. That big white dot is a UFO. Or I need to clean my phone camera lens, not sure which.

#4 Pic of the day

Seriously people why did no one tell me about this?


See you guys next time.

4 thoughts on “Things I overheard while talking to myself # 6 No stars for the writer

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  1. Wow, a splash of diabetes and a tidal wave of anemia huh? Lol
    I laughed the entire post, because I too have a splash of this and that, and your pillbox is definitely bigger than mine, you win. 🤣
    You live in Texas huh? So do I and the light pollution isn’t so bad in El Paso that I can’t see the stars. Sometimes, they’re like diamonds in the sky……did I steal that from somewhere? Who knows, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yeah, it seems the stars are everywhere but here. Could be being close to the gulf also covers us up with clouds all the time. Yeah my pb is quite big. Hope to trim it down sometime soon. Glad you enjoyed the post. -Robert

      Liked by 1 person

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