So lonely…

On being a dad.

The Detective and The Case of the Missing Lol

When my daughter Lauren was very young she would, on occasion, get in trouble. And by on occasion I mean quite frequently. And by quite frequently I mean almost every day. And by that I mean every single day. It’s not that she was a bad child, she just liked to test her limits. And by test her limits I mean she was a bad child.

When she did get in trouble, she had habit of over reacting. I would send her to her room and she would stomp all the way there, kicking and screaming and crying for reasons I am sure that even she was not aware of. She was a real drama queen. At some point, if she was really upset, she would sit on her bed and sing a song while crying. It would go something like “Lonely, I’m so lonely. I have nobody, to call…

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