They call me Pop-Pops

“The kids are coming over tomorrow morning.”

But I wanted to write tomorrow morning.

It was a split second thought. A little piece of nonsensical crap that shot through my mind with the force of a bullet. I regretted it the moment I thought it, and I wanted to take it back, but just like a bullet, it wasn’t going to come back. I thought it. I actually thought it. What a kind of crappy grandpa am I turning into? And what the freaking hell do I have to say in my writing that is more important than spending time with my grandkids? Nothing. There is nothing I could write more important than my grandchildren. I am still ashamed it crossed my mind at all, and I am having trouble with reconciling that thought with who I think I am.

Denise. My evil little princess.

I love spending time with the grandkids. I often joke that the best things about grandkids is that you can give them back at the end of the day. And if you have ever had kids you know what I am talking about. I am also sure grandkids feel the same about us. To them we are like parents, but without any of the things that make parents no fun. And if you have ever been a grandkid you know what I am talking about. You could get away with so much fun at grandpa’s house that you could not get away with at home. That is the truest thing that could ever be said about being a grandchild.

So why that thought when I was told the kids were coming over? Just stupid I guess. The idea that I have anything more important to do than spend time with the grandkids is just left over nonsense from my days as a self-righteous young dad of young kids. I always found it easy to pretend there were things I needed to do that were more important than being with my family. Us guys do that. We need to feel important out there in the world. It was a matter of life and death to us. We needed the world to tell us we were something special. And we only had to be told once to get hooked on it.

The problem with your life outside of your family is that is never going to love you the same way your family does. We think it does but it won’t. Not even close. But we often choose the outside world anyway. We are stupid like that.

I am crazy to think that any time I take to write something might be more important than time with my family. It irks me that it crossed my mind at all. These kids love me. They ask for me when I am not around. The outside world doesn’t.

I hope those of you with small kids and grandkids can understand this. You are going to miss them when they are young. The best gift you can ever give your kids and grandkids is great memories in their childhood. Those memories will follow them in their life long after you can’t anymore. You only get one chance to give them the gift of you, so don’t miss it.

I didn’t this time. The kids came over. We watched movies, ran around outside, ate chocolate candies from my hidden stash (don’t tell their mom), and played with Blue (the dog). There was laughing, crying, running, yelling, and pooping in diapers. I would not have wanted it any other way.

Andre, Royce, and Denise. Only known photo of them taken in the wild.

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  1. Those three kids are perfect, they look like a happy disaster going on, how it should be when kids are involved. Perfect.

    There is a meeting tonight I’d like to go (something personal, not work, an open mic for famous poetesses from different Latin American countries), and I was thinking to stay at home because my husband is working late. The thing is, his mother is here visiting for two months and I didn’t consider letting my twins with she because I don’t trust on her completely (even though I know she wouldn’t allow anything bad happens to them). But reading this I realize my kids don’t have any grandparent here, they don’t have that experience and I’m preventing some good memories to be constructed.
    I’ll go to my friking meeting, I will let the woman enjoy her grandkids and my kids to create personal stories with their grandmother. I just hope the house is still here when I come back.

    thanks a lot.
    good you kicked that thought out of your head but still you shared it with us to make us think.
    until next time

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    1. I’m guessing the meeting went well and the kids were fine when you got back. I say if they want to spend time with the kids let the grandparents spend time with them. I know a few grandparents that don’t. My grandkids other grandparents are simply referred to by them as “Mom’s dad or dad’s dad”. They don’t even call them grandpa or grandma because they rarely visit them. I ask for mine all the time. I’m Pop-pops. – Robert


    1. Isn’t she the cutest thing? And she loves Blue! Actually she loves Blue to the point of annoying the hell out of him when she comes over. He puts up with all the hugs and kisses for awhile, but then makes it a point to hide from her and all her slobbering. She is an awesome kid and the highlight of any visit. Still, handing them back at the end of the day is awesome too. lol. Thanks for reading!- Robert

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