“Blogging is not writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation.”

Blogging is not writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation. – from the movie Contagion

Long before I started a blog I saw the movie Contagion, starring Matt Damon and that blonde girl (Iron Man’s girlfriend) whose name I can never remember, and have no desire to Google. The movie was about a quick spreading and deadly epidemic that killed millions of people (or at least 5) and started a world wide panic. It wasn’t a funny movie at all. Not one bit. But whenever I think of the movie, I only think of this quote, and I laugh.

you_have_a_blogI was already writing by then. Mostly short stories that I was posting on Facebook for my friends and family. I even started posting stories on a writing website called Wattpad, where I had started many longer stories and have thousands of followers. But when I heard the quote from that movie, I thought it was hilarious. It’s funny, I thought to myself, because it’s true.

In writing, just like anything else, people tend to divide themselves into groups. They rank themselves in order of some feigned sense of importance that exists probably only their head. But as it turns out though, it exists in many people’s heads.

First of all, if you are not making any money at writing then you are just an amateur. Writing is your hobby. A side thing for shits and giggles. A thing retired people do who have nothing better to do.  No one takes your writing serious. I mean come on, if you were serious you’d be good at it right? And if you were good at it you’d be making money at it right? Duh.

Writers themselves tend to divide each other into groups so as to separate themselves from those just pretending to be writers. Those who write novels tend not to think much of the short story writers. Short story writers, of course, think differently, but at least they are not poets, right? And, for the most parts, poets will tell you that no, they don’t write monumental novels or have huge collections of short stories, but hey, they aren’t bloggers.

And lets not even talk about self publishing.

Conversations about writing usually go something like these:

“So you’re a writer?”


“What books have you written? I might have read them.”

“No, I write short stories.”

“Really? That’s a thing?”


“You’re a writer? What’s the name of your novel?”

“No. I write poems.”

“Oh, so you’re a poet. How cute.”

Even worse,

“So you’re a writer? Maybe I have the name of your book?”

“Yeah, but I don’t have a book. I have a blog.”

“Okay. But are you a writer? Do you have a book?”

People believe, and I guess for good reason, that when you say you are a writer it means 123you have written a book. A full beginning, middle, and end book with prospect of a dozen sequels to follow. They think if you are a writer, then they should be able to go to Barnes & Nobles and ask that high school kid at the help desk to look you up on their computer and pull up your list of works.

I don’t have books on the shelves at Barnes & Nobles. You probably don’t either. But who cares? What is the measure of a person that is able to honestly call themselves a writer? Who gets to decide that? (Me! Pick Me!)

Writers, in all the above groups (real or imagined) will tell you that writing is a passion. A passion that centers around the love of words. You don’t have to get paid, you don’t have to have a novel, and you don’t even have to have anything sitting on any bookshelf on Barnes & Nobles.

Brand-Storytelling-1All you have to do is have that passion and exercise it. Share it with others. Write a book. Create short stories and poems and share them. Start a blog and engage people about something you are passion it about. Write about what turns you on and share your stories with the world.

Maybe just a few people will find your words. Maybe a million of them do. In either case that wouldn’t change your story, right? That’s because it’s your story. Only you can tell it. You can go hide it in a book if you want, or you can put it at people’s finger tips in a blog every day.

So go be a writer. Start a blog.





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  1. Robert, another great blog! lol.. Seriously, I had a good laugh at “at least they aren’t poets.” lol. I don’t like to think of myself as a blogger. I am a writer. I started blogging just a few months ago as a way to “build a readership.” That’s what the pros say. I think it is working, slowly but surely, though I don’t have “thousands of followers.” Not even hundreds, yet. A little over a hundred right now, about half of whom are loyal and consistent. I had heard of this Wattpad but I have no idea what it is. Is that something I should look in to?

    But you are correct, writing is a passion. I haven’t tried to find an agent because: A) I haven’t the time, and B) I don’t know that I am prepared for the BS that goes with it. My first (published) book came to be through life events. I know you’ve read a lot of my posts, but if you haven’t read The Dickie Floyd Story, I encourage you to do so; it lays it all there. http://dickiefloydnovels.com/the-dickie-floyd-story/

    The point being, I’ve always enjoyed writing, but it was a very unfortunate situation that brought to life my first book, A Good Bunch of Men. When I published it, I did so for my partner, his family, and maybe mine. Next thing I knew, people were buying it. A lot of people. And then talking about it a lot. Well, that stoked the fire and here I am, like it or not! lol.

    Okay, I’ve taken up enough of your sandbox this morning (not to mention my writing time) so I better get to it. I really enjoy your blogs.


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    1. You are an excellent writer. A storyteller I hold in high regard. I hope you have many books to come in the future! Keep blogging friend. Some day I’ll join you out there in the book world. – Robert

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  2. We talked about how certain genres have certain stigmas, whether deserved or not.

    It’s unfortunate that many writers of whatever form are held back, frustrated, held hostage by bias.

    Nonetheless, as you pointed out, one must write their story, their passion, whether no one or millions read it.

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    1. Glad you liked it and I appreciate the follow. When I get the chance I’ll jump on over and take a peek at your blog!-Robert


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