Sunday Thoughts…

My dog Blue is shedding like crazy. He did not shed one hair the first 3 months we had him and now I’ve swept up enough hair in the last week to make a set of pillows for a family of four. Might just do that. But seriously, dogs do this right? But is there a season for it? He wasn’t doing it before. I found his hairs on my laptop, and get this, in the microwave. How does a dog get his hair in my microwave? Come to think of it I am missing a couple of microwave dinners too. Will investigate further and let you know. Also, and I am embarrassed to


Who the hell is Lassie and why does Timmy keep falling in the well?

say this because I am sure he would not want me to talk about it,- he loves dog shit. Other dogs shit. I have to watch real carefully during walks. He will stop at a pile of dog shit and then look at me. I then look at him and tell him no. He then looks at the crap again and then at me again and again I say no. Then he starts walking off and just as he clears the pile of crap he does a back flip with a 1/2 twist and lands in the crap on his back and starts bathing in it. Dog has issues. Either I am going to have to just put a diaper on him and keep inside or find those other dog owners and have them pick up their dog crap. Stupid Blue. Oh, and by the way, every time he wants to go outside he gets all exited and stares at me. I always say “What’s wrong Lassie? Did Timmy fall in the well?”. He never gets it. Stupid Blue.

My Keurig coffee machine is awesome and is getting a great work out. I’ve only had it a month or two and I have now officially spent more money on the coffee than was spent on the machine itself. Very clever Keurig. Very clever indeed. I see what you did there. I found myself scouring the internet for coupons the other day for those damn Keurig pods. I need to find a Keurig addiction support group out there before I start spending rent money on coffee pods, or my heart gives out, whichever comes first. If you know of one let me know.

Ha! You didn’t even know there was a book front did you? Yep, best kept secret since the meeting between the Russians and Trump Jr. But I’ll put it out there. I really do want


to publish 2 of my books before the year is out. I know I said that last year, but as it turned out, I am a liar. Not a Donald Trump level liar, but a liar none the less. I had time to finish them last year, but I just wasn’t feeling it and did not realize that was not a good enough reason not to do it. Okay, that was lie too. I did realized that was not a good enough reason, but it just sounded like too much work. Okay, lie #3, I knew it wasn’t too much work, I just didn’t want to do it. I want to this time. I mean, if I can blog almost every day, I can put some work into a couple of books. Why the hell not. (check with me later while I come up with lie #4)

I hope all my readers (both of you, lol) had a great week and I look forward to whatever next week brings.

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  1. Dog hair is a mysterious substance that can end up any and everywhere. Had it in my coffee once and my sister’s dog had been long gone. Just weird. I love that picture of his Blue’s face. It’s like he’s saying, “Why’d you rat me out?” LOL I have yet to know the joys of Keurig coffee. The cost of coffee pods is definitely something to think about. What am I saying…it’s coffee for goodness sakes. I’ll take it! :p

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    1. Yeah, to the dog hair. Though just a few months ago he was not shedding anything at all. Another thing he does is tug at his leash all the time. When I take it out he pulls on the thing even when he doesn’t have to. He looks like weight lifting dog in one of those competitions where they have to pull a Mack Truck. He was even losing his hair on the bottom side of his neck because of it. I went out and got him a shoulder harness instead and now things are better. Thanks for coming by for a visit Ty. -Robert

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      1. You are on your way to dog whispering! lol You listen very well to Blue, there he was telling you he needed a shoulder harness and you got him one. Maybe he likes leading?? Our Coco would drag us along if given the chance. I miss that girl. I’ll be visiting often, so keep writing. Thanks for commenting on the blog. I have a reader! Lol Ty

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  2. Is Blue a puppy? Dogs will lose their puppy hair at some point and get their adult hair. I have a Keurig too and loved it. I found that coffee pods from Amazon were a pretty good deal and you can get a wide variety of coffees all in one box. Unfortunately, I developed stomach acid issues and can’t drink coffee like I used to. Now I have to drink fake low-acid coffee. 😛

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    1. We adopted him at the pound and their best guess was that he was about a year old when they picked him up. He was found wandering the mean streets of south Texas. But he was house trained already so he must have had a home somewhere at some point. Will see if the hair loss subsides. The Keurig was actually on sale at Wal-Mart for 49 dollars during Christmas so it was a good deal. But coffee pods don’t go on sale much, but there are coupons. So far I like only 2 or 3 of the coffees available. I do like the machine. Especially that is just ready to go with no prep and no cleaning up afterwards. Sorry about the stomach issues. A couple of years ago I thought I would have to stop drinking coffee but the problem subsided. Thanks for stopping buy!

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  3. My sis has a Keurig and she gets her pods from Sam’s Club.

    So price check you local Sam’s Club or Costco.
    If you don’t have a membership, borrow one from a friend.

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  4. Lol when you said award I automatically thought of the scene from “A Christmas Story” where the dad gets that award in the mail. The lamp shaped like a female leg. lol. I’ll check it out.


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