Get out of your own way this year…

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, compassion, humor, and some style. ” – Maya Angelou

The new year is here, and there is hope for us yet. Sure, we are the embarrassment of the world with our new president, but that won’t be forever and shouldn’t be used as an excuse for not doing what we can in our personal lives. I say never let the shame of one thing stop you from doing some good somewhere else in your world. Too many good people get bogged down with things that they have little influence over and forget all the things they do control. I say move what you can, go around everything else.

Do what you dream of doing.

Every new year we make it point to take stock of the year we just passed. We review the good and the bad. We go over our wins and our losses. We pat ourselves on the back or we make excuses. We take score.

I say forget that crap. Yes, every year brings hope, but so does every day. Every day is a new chance to do it over again. Every day is a second chance to finish what we started or to start something new. Stop keeping score and get in the game every day. Thinking that you have a year to do something sometimes makes you wait a year to do it.

Blue says hi. Not really, he can’t talk.

I can honestly say I am blessed. I have the best family and friends a guy could have (and a dog). I want for nothing and no one gets in my way but me. I think it has always been that way. I am thinking it is that way for many of you too. You are your own biggest obstacle and it is about time to get out of your own way.

If you have one resolution this year it should be that. Resolve to get out of your own way. Stop stopping so much. Most of our obstacles are ones we created for fear of failing. And that is true for all of us, including me.

I hope 2018 finds everyone doing what they have always want to do. I hope you resolve every day to get out of your own way and do what you have always wanted to do. Why? Well, so you can put it behind you and do the next thing you have always wanted to do. Don’t be stagnant. You get old when you slow down. Don’t get old!

Happy New year everyone!

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